Introducing The Barr Brace™ in Phoenix AZ

Chiropractic Phoenix AZ The Barr Brace Anterior View
The Barr Brace™ Anterior View
Chiropractic Phoenix AZ The Barr Brace Posterior View
The Barr Brace™ Posterior View
Chiropractic Phoenix AZ The Barr Brace Top View
The Barr Brace™ Top View

The Barr Brace, our hyper-corrective "Night-Time Only" Scoliosis Orthosis is designed using CAD/CAM technology and specific detailed measurements. This brace is only worn while you sleep for a total of 8-10 hours a day compared to other braces that have to be worn up to 23 hours per day. The best part, this brace has 95%-115% in brace correction, compared to 50%-60% in most braces out there. The Barr Brace creates more correction with less time! This orthosis provides a brace design that corrects the spine based on three body planes, the Sagittal, Coronal, and Transverse, which provides a precise combination of lateral and rotational forces that move the spine into a corrected position.

Chiropractic Phoenix AZ Barr Brace Versus Other Braces

In addition, this brace is fitted with an adjustable pad that allows the patient to do over-correction therapy while still wearing the brace. This allows the body to transform and condition the spine to its proper position easier and faster.

This design allows for lateral shift of the curves to the midline and provides void areas on opposing sides of the scoliosis curve from both rotation and lateral forces.

Using CAD/CAM technology in addition to specific measurements, allows for precise fabrication to maximize spinal correction that can be measured to the exact millimeter.

Chiropractic Phoenix AZ Out Of Brace X-ray
Patient X-Ray with no brace.
Chiropractic Phoenix AZ Patient In Brace X-ray
Patient X-ray after being in brace.

Here are some examples of how well this brace works in treating scoliosis. You can see how well it does in straightening out the curve with an overcorrection in most cases and helping patients of all ages! So when you hear that scoliosis can't be treated when you get older, just look at these examples of some of our current patients!

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