Introducing The Barr Brace™ in Phoenix AZ

Chiropractic Phoenix AZ The Barr Brace Exterior
The Patent Pending Barr Brace™.
Chiropractic Phoenix AZ The Barr Brace Interior
Insert added inside of the brace.

The latest advancements in scoliosis bracing are available at our Phoenix AZ chiropractic clinic. This patent pending brace helps to correct the scoliosis curves by adding an additional correction piece that is incorporated in the brace. This allows for additional corrective forces that are already being applied, to help condition the spine to move in an easier fashion in the corrective process.

Our US patent Brace In Phoenix AZ

As this brace is applying corrective forces to the spine laterally and rotationally (3D correction), we can now do over-corrective pressure using the additional strapping pad. This will be done therapeutically and for short periods of time to help condition the spine to move back into its correct position.

This brace, in combination with spinal adjusting and the Scolio-Trainer® (our patented scoliosis treatment table), will be a great way to help our scoliosis patients. If you would like additional information regarding this brace and our scoliosis treatment program, please call our office at (480) 596-3918 and schedule your free consultation.

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