Ever Heard Of the GERM THEORY in Phoenix AZ?

Ever Heard Of the GERM THEORY in Phoenix AZ?

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Years ago, Louis Pasteur “discovered” the “germ theory,” promoted it, sold it, and the rest is history! He exposed the world to something that has never been forgotten. Learn more about Germ Theory in my Phoenix AZ Barr Chiropractic and Scoliosis Center blog.

The gist of Germ theory in Phoenix AZ?

That germs “cause” disease and that exposure to germs makes a person sick. What matters is the presence of germs – they cause disease – it’s just that simple… and actually, it’s just that wrong!

Ironically, the father of the germ theory died in September of 1895, the same month and year of the first chiropractic adjustment!

Here’s something that most people never read about. Even on his deathbed, Pasteur stated that it was NOT germs that caused diseases, but rather the ‘environment’ (body) in which the germs were found — that contributed to the cause of disease.

In other words – there had to be “fertile soil” for a germ “seed” to grow and manifest itself into a disease.

Today people are starting to understand that their children need exposure to germs to gain appropriate, ‘natural’ immunity when they are young. I hate to tell you this, but GERMS are everywhere. In fact, many believe that the increase in ‘childhood allergies and asthma’ may be a by-product of our over-sanitization by “germophobic” parents!

When doctors give us antibiotics that only attack the symptoms of disease, we are actually ‘fighting the body’s natural lines of defense’, and making it harder for us and our children to ‘heal properly’.

When we allow our children’s bodies to heal themselves, we enable them to become more resilient and far more capable of resisting the onslaught of germs in the future.

So…what we need to focus on as parents is keeping our children’s immune systems, as well as our own systems functioning properly, so germs don’t find a willing host in which to thrive. A fertile playground. I equate this to taking care of your car.

Everyone gets a new car when they’re born. Why do some cars end up in the junkyard while others live a long and prosperous life? Some maintain their cars to the best of their ability while others just run them into the ground and don’t keep them functioning properly. Eventually they just give out and are taken to the junkyard.

As parents and adults, we need to maintain the function of our bodies by encouraging proper wholesome nutrition, sound sleep, some type of exercise, even if it’s just a short walk, and optimal nerve supply to the immune system with regular chiropractic care. Only then can we truly move forward, past the flawed germ “theory” to a true state of health and wellness.

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